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Leak Detection

Are you concerned that you may have a water leak on your property? Call the best company for leak detection Anaheim, call Pristine Plumbing. Our company is the most trusted leak detection company in the Anaheim area. You can talk to us right here on this page of our website in the chat box and ask any questions about our leak detection services or our company. Pristine Plumbing knows what you are going through, and are here to help 24 hours a day because leaks don’t just happen in the daytime. Don’t forget to ask us about financing options that are available to you. Leak detection services and the subsequent plumbing repairs may not be in your budget, but with our financing options, they can be. Just give us a call, whether the leak is in your yard or your wall, we will find them all. Just give Pristine Plumbing a call for leak detection Anaheim, we’re here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Leak Detection & the Answers

  • How Do I Know if I Have a Leak on My Property?

    Calling an Anaheim leak detection company like Pristine Plumbing will honestly be the best route for determining whether or not you have a leak on your property. A leak detection expert from our company will be able to tell you with certainty whether you have a leak and locate the origin of the leak. Once we find the location and extent of the leak, our company will give you a written estimate to make the necessary plumbing repairs. Keep in mind when you hire Pristine Plumbing, there is an 18 month warranty on the labor portion for the project.

    You can attempt to find if you have a leak on your property by doing a little investigative work yourself. The first step is to shut off the water both outside and inside the home. You will know if you have a leak in the water supply lines if your water meter continues to show you there is water being used even thought the water is turned off. Keep in mind that this method will not tell you if you have a leak in your drain lines or main drain line connecting to the septic system or sewer. Additionally, it will not be able to tell you the location of a leak. It will merely show that there is one. This may not be a sound method of identifying whether your swimming pool or outdoor water feature has a leak.

    Quite honestly hiring a professional Anaheim leak detection like Pristine Plumbing will save you a lot of time, effort, headaches, and allow the leak to be dealt with expeditiously. Using our state of the art equipment and industry leading techniques, we are able to locate leaks in plumbing systems with almost laser like precision. Furthermore, when we find one leak we will not stop there. We will continue to check your system to determine whether or not there is more than one link in your plumbing system. Whether your leak is located in your main sewer line, supply lines or drains, our leak detection experts will be able to locate it.

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It’s likely you agree that a water leak is not a good thing. There are a large number of reasons to have a leak located and remedied as soon as possible. Below we are going to highlight what we feel are the most important reasons for acting quickly when you suspect you may have a water leak.

Water Bill Increases – Water is California’s scarcest resource and it is priced as such. Anaheim residents pay just about as much per gallon as the rest of California (excluding the ultra expensive Monterrey). A single pinhole sized water leak can add hundreds of dollars to your water bill in a single month. Outdoor water leaks are usually the last ones to be discovered because the pipes are underground. Furthermore, evaporation and soil absorption cause the water to disappear quickly. Outdoor water leaks are largely responsible for drastic increases in water utility bills but usually cause damage that is less detrimental financially.

Mold – This is the one that very few people outside of the water damage and restoration industry take seriously enough. Mold can start to grow in as little as 48 hours after it has the right moisture levels. Some species of mold have the ability to be fatal. Toxic mold spores are likely already in your home but do not have the right environment to thrive. That is until you have a water leak and introduce water to their environment. Mold only needs organic matter, a dark space devoid of sunlight, and moisture. All three of those things can be found in locations where leaks typically take place. Infants are most susceptible to health complications due to toxic mold exposure, but they can impact anyone. A wide range of symptoms caused by toxic mold exposure include but are not limited to: Memory loss, irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, itchy skin, sinus infections, anxiety, depression, itchy eyes, chronic headaches, and confusion. Those symptoms can be caused by a large number of other things which makes mold toxicity (toxomycosis) very difficult to diagnose. Mold can cause even more severe repercussions such as organ failure. Mold is not something that should be taken lightly and should be avoided at all costs. Having water leaks located and repaired quickly will help you to avoid creating an ideal environment for mold growth.

There are all different types of leaks that can take place in a home.

Our Anaheim leak detection company is able to identify any type of leak and make the necessary repairs quickly.


Types of Common Water Leaks

Sink Faucet and Shower Leaks – When our shower heads, sink faucets, or bath tub faucets are leaking there is really no need for to hire a leak detection company to locate the leak. You already know where that leak is coming from due to a steady and irritating sound of water dripping. All those drops add up and add a decent amount to your monthly water bill. If you’re considering having a plumbing company come out to look at your of dripping faucet, now may be a good time to look for new plumbing fixtures at end if your bathroom or kitchen a new look.

Corroding Pipes – As pipes continue to age, it’s not uncommon for them to start to corrode. If all the pipes in a home are made from the same material, and are the same age, it’s fair to say that they will all be in a similar condition. If you have one pipe in your home that has given away due to corrosion, it is important to have all the pipes within your home inspected. Pristine plumbing can carefully inspect all the pipes within your home to determine its true condition and give you our professional opinion about whether or not the pipe needs to be replaced.
Water Supply Line Leaks – Water supply line leaks are usually not discovered for an extended period of time. That is due to the fact that water supply lines are buried under the ground. A leak in a water supply line that goes unnoticed can cause your water bill to go up by several hundred dollars a month. When water from a water supply line leaks into the ground it will usually being absorbed quickly by the soil. However you might notice a wet spot in your yard or a depression in your yard. If you notice that your yard has an inexplicable wet spot in your yard, you may have a pipe leaking. Tree roots, plant roots, vehicles, and even rodents all have the ability to break water supply lines.

Water Softeners – Water softeners are one of the best things for any home in Southern California to have. A majority of the water that comes into Southern California originates from the Colorado River. In Southern California where water is scarce and it’s great to have a consistent water source. However in the water from the Colorado River is considered hard water. Hard water if a term used to describe water that has high concentrations of minerals like magnesium and calcium. While there are not scientifically proven negative health impacts from hard water it can cause other undesirable problems. Hard water can cause a buildup of what is called scale inside of your water supply line. Those scale deposit can actually shorten the life span of your water heater as well. It also makes it more difficult to rinse off soap or shampoo which is not good for your hair. Hard water can cause of a number of other issues within your house and is kind of a nuisance. Having a water softener is definitely recommended, if it is within your budget. That being said, water softeners can run into issues from time to time, just like any other plumbing related item in your home. Loose water connections are something we see pretty often as the cause of a water softener leak. Another type of common leak we see has to do with a mechanical component called a rotor valve. It is actually one of the most important parts of a water softener. It is the piece that sends water through the water softener so it can complete the process of softening your water. The rotor valve has a small rubber ring on it called an O-Ring. These O-Rings can dry out or crack and require replacement so the water softener can function properly. The rotor valve itself may need to be replaced as well. They are made of brass which can wear out over time due to a number of factors such as the percentage of the brass rotor valve’s zinc content. If your water softener starts leaking, Pristine Plumbing will be able to identify what is wrong with the water softener and repair the water softener as well.

Swimming Pools – It’s no secret that Alisa Viejo has its fair share of swimming pools. Swimming pools adds value to a home and makes the hot summers and allow more tolerable. However a swimming pool does require quite a bit of additional maintenance. Swimming pools cause some of the largest water leaks on a per gallon basis. A small hole in a pool’s system can cause over one thousand gallons of water to leak within a single day. Paying close attention to your pool and the area surrounding it can help you avoid an astronomically large water bill. Performing basic leak detection tests periodically is a good idea. If you have a leak in your swimming pool Pristine Plumbing has the equipment necessary to locate a leak with amazing accuracy. If you own a pool and have questions about our leak detection services give us a call or chat with us right here on our website.

Toilet Leaks – There are a lot of different things that can cause a toilet to leak. One of the most common complaints we hear from customers is that their toilet won’t stop running. A few different things can cause the toilet to continue to fill the reservoir. There is an object called a flapper in the bottom of your toilet’s reservoir, it keeps water from flowing into your toilet bowl and allows the reservoir to fill. If the flapper does not properly align or make a connection with the seal at the bottom of the reservoir, the toilet will continue to run. If the flapper is making a connection with the seal on the bottom of the reservoir, your float may be too high in the reservoir which allows water to spill into the overflow tube. There are several other things that can cause your toilet to continue to run. When your toilet continues to run, it is not only a waste of water, but the sound will likely start to irritate you. Don’t hesitate to call one of the expert plumbers at Pristine Plumbing. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also chat with us right here on our website.

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The best thing you can do if you need leak detection Anaheim area residents is to just give us a call. We will answer our phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be there when you need us no matter what time it is or what day of the week. Pristine Plumbing is dedicated to providing you with a pristine leak detection service experience. If you have any questions you can also feel free to type a question in the chat box on our site. We look forward to working with you and thank you for choosing Pristine Plumbing.

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You can trust your home to Pristine Plumbing, Inc. because we have spent the last decade consistently providing clean and speedy plumbing services the RITE way! With Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Extraordinary care, we’ll get your plumbing back in working order in no time.

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Jim expertly solved the problem of a Y shaped connection between two sinks where the clog was down deep in the y. He was thorough, professional, and expedited the solution. Plus—the sink area was immaculate when he finished. Would definitely recommend him and Pristine Plumbing to my neighbors. Excellent work!

Elisabeth L.

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Very professional and pleasant. RB and Kyle took time to explain the process. They were able to find the leak within half an hour. Coordinate and plan out the repair in a timely manner. I’ll be happy to recommend them to my friends and family.

Hoa. H.

Pristine Plumbing Reviews

Anthony was very professional, efficient. and personable. The initial call was for a toilet leak/rebuild, but because of the age and condition of the toilet, we opted to replace that toilet and another one. We are very satisfied with the jobs he did.

Stanley I.