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How Does a Sump Pump Work?

A sump pump helps remove water from the lowest point of your house by pumping it to a drainage system outside your house. This helps prevent severe damage to your home from pooled water sitting for long periods of time. 

What Sump Pump Do You Need?

The different types of sump pumps are submersible, pedestal, battery-operated, water-powered, and combination. It’s important to select a sump pump that fits your house’s specific needs. Each different type of sump pump comes in variations with varying levels of horsepower, so it’s essential to choose one that has the adequate horsepower for the size of your home, but not too much that it overwhelms your electricity bill.

Types of Sump Pump Switches

There are multiple types of sump pumps that operate in different ways, but for sump pumps that operate on a switch system, here’s how it works. A switch allows the pump to be turned on without someone manually pressing a button, but there are different switches for different purposes. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Pressure Switch: This type automatically senses the amount of pressure from the water, then triggers the pump to turn on.
  2. Vertical Float Switch: This type is a magnet that slides up and down on a rod depending on the level of water. When the float rises, the pump turns on. When the float goes down, the pump switches off.
  3. Tethered Float Switch: This switch floats in the pump basin. It turns on when the float cannot float any higher which tugs on the tether, then an electrical signal is sent to activate the water removal pump. Conversely, if the float is too low, it will turn off the pump.
  4. Electronic Switch: This type automatically senses the water levels in the basin and switches on when it reaches a certain height.
  5. Diaphragm Switch: This switch flips out as the pressure rises, and flips in when the pressure lowers in order to get the water pumped out.

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