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How Homeowners Can Detect Hidden Leaks

The Three Signs of a Hidden Leak 

Obvious water leaks are easy to identify. For instance, a leak under the kitchen sink will be easily identifiable by the broken pipe and the puddle forming around it. 

Hidden leaks are an entirely different matter. Homeowners might notice minor changes to their plumbing systems and not attribute the inconvenience to a hidden leak. Homeowners should immediately address any type of leak, no matter how big or small. Prompt attention saves water, energy, money, and frustration. Below are three ways to spot a hidden leak.

1. Running Water – But No One’s Using a Fixture 

Based on a hidden water leak’s severity, one may hear dripping or rushing water behind a wall-–even if no one’s using the shower, dishwasher, or washing machine. Eventually, the sound will be accompanied by puddles, damage to the drywall, and water spots. 

If someone believes there’s a burst or leaking pipe inside the home, they should first turn off their home’s water supply. If the sound stops, then this is likely a hidden leak. A homeowner’s next step should be to call a licensed plumber. A professional can assess the severity of the leak and render appropriate repairs. They may even have to cut a piece of wall to access the leaking pipe, valve, or connector. 

2. Swampy Puddles in the Yard 

A home could have a broken water line, sewer main, or sprinkler system if one notices: 
  • Puddles of foul-smelling water form in the yard. 
  • There are soft, muddy spots where one’s foot sinks in. 
  • The sound of rushing water when standing at a certain point in the yard. 


One can also check for water leaks in the yard by pushing down on the soil with their hands. If the ground collapses slightly, this could indicate a hidden leak. Outdoor leaks can range in severity. A professional can address the leak by tightening a valve or replacing a pipe in some situations. In other scenarios, the plumbers may need to dig up a section of the yard to locate and address the problem. 

3. Lower Water Pressure Combined with Higher Water Bills 

If one experiences less-than-ideal water pressure in their sink or shower, this could also indicate a hidden leak. Water could be escaping the system, leading to less output through the faucet or showerhead. Sometimes, low water pressure can be attributed to clogs, which a plumber can remove using a drain snake. However, it could also indicate a hidden leak inside the home itself. 

Poor water pressure isn’t the only sign of a water leak. One might experience nothing wrong with the plumbing system yet find themselves facing expensive water bills. The water bill could increase because of a leak since water is escaping the system, using (and wasting) more water than usual. 

If a homeowner isn’t sure whether their home’s water consumption has increased, they should check their water meter. Any unexpected spikes or dips could indicate a leak within the plumbing system. If a homeowner suspects a water leak, they should immediately call a professional. The water leak repair service can explain their options on how to proceed. 

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