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How To Get Your Sewer Line Repaired

Who Can Repair A Sewer Line?

Sewer line leaks are often a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This type of problem is generally messy and challenging to locate, meaning this problem requires outside help. Below is advice from professionals to help homeowners find the right company for the job in their area.  

Professional Sewer Line Repair Is Necessary

In addition to convenience, a professional plumber is necessary to repair the structural integrity of a sewer line. DIY repair jobs may seem less expensive, but they can cost much more. Sewer lines are complicated, and if further damage occurs, this can cause issues with the pipes. 

A professional plumber has the necessary equipment to handle damage from underground utility lines. While a running toilet can be fixed without a technician, sewer line repair requires specific knowledge. Soil conditions will affect the type of tools needed and protective gear. 

An underground pipe can involve extensive digging for those unfamiliar with the process. If the damage is on public property, the government will handle the process, but this is the homeowner’s responsibility on a private lawn. A trained technician can help keep property damage to minimize ground damage.

Without experience, sewer line projects can manifest in very public ways. Even simple issues can be exacerbated with the wrong tools. A leak in one area of the yard can potentially cause sewer backup inside the house.

Code Requirements

Code requirements for sewer lines are designed to maintain drainage sanitary and safe drainage. Depending on the state, these requirements may vary. This code has specific instructions for the location, materials, and disposal involved in plumbing for Irvine, CA.

Drainage materials must be in accordance, meaning that wrought-iron steel pipe is not to be used underground. Clay pipe fittings are not allowed to be used above ground. Certain materials such as cast-iron soil pipes must be marked for identification.

Trying to fix a sewer line without experience can cause legal repercussions. If a Do-it-yourselfer tries to repair a sewer line without a permit, this may result in hefty fines and further damage. Fixing a botched sewer line is more expensive than calling a plumber for repairs in the first place.

The Sewer Line Repair Process

Traditional sewer line repair looks different depending on the location and problem. The conventional method of sewer pipe repair requires digging trenches. Underground tunnels are used to access the sewer line so it can be repaired or replaced. Since this can damage yards, there are other less intrusive ways to get the job done.

Interior access excavation does not involve digging ditches. Using a trenchless method, plumbers must identify the pipe precisely before excavating. If the sewer lines are too damaged, this method may not be an option.

If a trenchless sewer line repair is not a viable option, sewer lines can be reached through an open-top excavation. This is a laborious process that is best left to a group of professionals. This process may be done when a total replacement is necessary.

Sewer repair services are standard for trained plumbers. A reputable company usually has more than one individual informed about a sewer line job and can provide extra help if necessary. Sewer line repairs can be dangerous without the proper training and experience.

Research Sewer Line Repair Services Beforehand

Asking around the community can help homeowners get ideas for companies in their area that can help. Online reviews may also shed light on specific companies that can get the job done well. Most people read these reviews to get an idea of both workmanship and price. When evaluating workmanship, there are a few points to consider. 

Reliability is crucial for sewer line leak repair. Showing up on time, answering phone calls, and allowing the customer to know what to expect provides quality service. Plumbers who do not show up with the right equipment or charge extra for their time will usually have lower ratings.

The time in which a job takes can vary. Since not all repairs are equal, some jobs may take hours or days to finish. Before hiring a plumber, many people research timelines for similar plumbing issues. This may be misleading.

Local forums are often beneficial. Not only are the companies familiar, but so is the land. Different soil types can affect how long a repair service takes to complete. It can also impact the type of repair. If digging tunnels is necessary, this may be handy to know before calling a specific company. 

Important Questions To Ask

Asking questions before a service repair will help customers understand the scope of a project. This can save homeowners both time and money. Since most homeowners are not familiar with sewer line repair work, knowing what to ask can be difficult.

Plumbers should be licensed and insured to handle sewer pipe repair jobs. Questions about licensure are common and will help weed out unprofessional work. An insured sewer line repair company will know and comply with the California code.

A reputable plumbing company should be able to give a rough estimate of the work necessary to repair a sewer line. If a consultation is needed, this is often a positive sign. Talking face-to-face can also help homeowners understand the process and why specific techniques are used.

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