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Prevent Washing Machine Plumbing Problems

Washing Machine Plumbing Issues & Solutions

The washing machine is one of many appliances in your home that utilizes water, pipes, and plumbing. You need that washer, perhaps even on a daily basis. If an issue arises with the plumbing in the room, you could have a serious issue on your hands. Not only could you not have a machine to wash your clothes, but you could also have serious water damage if something goes wrong. It’s best to avoid washing machine plumbing problems if at all possible. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Check The Supply Lines

Checking the supply lines that go to the washer and give it water can help you avoid leaks and even flooding. Inspect the lines a couple of times a year for cracks, small leaks, bubbles, blisters or other things. Watch the connections at both ends too to make sure they need to be tightened or replaced.

Consider Replacing The Washers

The metal washers connect the washing machine to the supply line. They can wear out over time and they can leak. If you hear strange sounds coming from the supply line, it could be the washers. Replace them if they look too worn.

Watch The Drain

Laundry drains away dirty water and can get damaged or even blocked. That leads to flooding rather quickly. You should inspect your drain filter regularly and have a plumber look it over any time they are in the house for other reasons. Don’t let anything go down the laundry drain other than washing and rinsing water to help ensure it will be in good working order.

Get A Drain Filter

Since you don’t want there to be any issues with the drain, you might want to get a drain filter to catch debris, lint, and other particles that might try to drain out along with the water. To prevent blockage in the drains,  the drain filter will collect as much of the items that try to drain. Make sure you clean the filters regularly and it is emptied between uses.

Replace Washing Machine Appliance

As much as you’d like a good washing machine to last forever, no appliance will. If you see that there are things going wrong with your washing machine regularly, it’s best to get a new one. You’ll continue to have clean clothes, as needed, and you’ll avoid major issues like floods at the same time.

Get Washing Machine Plumbing Inspected

If you have a regular plumbing inspection, you’re on the way to good plumbing health. Make sure your washing machine plumbing gets inspected as part of the package and you can have peace of mind that your clothes will get clean and the water will stay where it belongs inside the pipes and machines. Contact Pristine Plumbing if you have any washing machine plumbing issues or if you’d like to schedule a complete plumbing inspection. We’re here to help your plumbing stay in good condition for the long haul.

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