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Selecting Water Filtration Services

What Water Filtration Services Do You Need?

You have to drink water every day, but have you ever wondered what’s in it? You may not be able to afford to buy bottled water constantly and you’re probably using more of the water in your home for cooking and other things. Instead of worrying about what you’re putting into your body, look into water filtration services to give you the clean water you deserve. You can filter water one jug at a time in the fridge, or you can filter all of the water in your home.

What Is A Whole House Filter?

These filters connect to the main water line that enters your house and dispenses water to each area. You don’t have to worry about what you drink, what you wash clothes in, what you bathe in or anything else.

What Type Of Water Filtration Services Are Necessary?

That depends on the contaminants that are in your water. What do you need to remove from your water? If you have city water, you’ll probably find chlorine and other chemicals in the water. On well water, there will be iron and other sediments. If you have a private well, consider getting a water analysis to see what you need to filter out. You might think a water softener is enough, but water softeners only remove hardness minerals. Filters, on the other hand, remove broad ranges of contaminants.

What Options Exist?

When you are looking at water filtration services, you will want to look at a variety of things included on the filter. The flow rate is very important and will tell you how much water you can run at once. When you are looking at your requirements, check your appliances to see how much they demand and see how much you generally use at one time. You want uninterrupted water flow during peak use. The filter size will also be important. The larger the filter, the longer your service intervals will be, and you will get more water at greater pressure. But not every home needs a larger filter. Also, check the filter’s life. Filters only last so long and you will need to make sure you change them out before they lose their quality and ability to protect your water.

Benefits Of Water Filtration Services

While you know the water you drink is important, what about the water you wash your fruits with? The water you clean dishes with? And the water you wash your clothes in? You’d like to have safe water in every aspect of your home and that is why installing a whole house filtering system could be the right answer for you. Water even evaporates and ends up in your air and can have a hand in the air quality in your house. If you have questions about water filtration services, contact Pristine Plumbing. We can take a look at your house and let you know what we recommend for filter size and type so you get just what you need to have clean water everywhere within your home.

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