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Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemicals for Drain Cleaning

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of drain clogs, whether they occur in the shower, kitchen, or bathroom. Dealing with clogs can be frustrating, leading people to search for quick remedies. One tempting option is to purchase chemical drain cleaning products readily available at local grocery stores. These products promise to clear your drains and restore smooth flow within minutes, presenting themselves as the fastest and easiest solution.

However, it is crucial to exercise caution when considering these speedy fixes. While chemical drain cleaners do have the ability to dissolve clogs, their action is not selective. This indiscriminate nature makes them extremely harmful to your drain, plumbing system, and even your entire home. Here are several compelling reasons why it is imperative to avoid these corrosive chemical drain cleaner products at all costs.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Hazardous

Drain cleaners often contain acids that possess a corrosive strength comparable to battery acid. Prolonged exposure to battery acid can result in severe burns and permanent disfigurement. Consequently, even a minor contact with drain cleaner on your skin can cause excruciating pain and leave lifelong scars. It raises the question: Why would you willingly introduce such a product into your home, where your children or pets could accidentally come into contact with it?

As experienced plumbers, we have witnessed firsthand the immense power of these acids. Even a tiny droplet has been known to create holes in work boots, corrode clothing, and inflict burn injuries that take weeks to heal. Moreover, when these chemicals fail to resolve the issue, plumbers are forced to insert their equipment, or in more perilous scenarios, their hands, into the drain. This not only damages their equipment but also exposes them to the risk of severe injuries while attempting to address the problem correctly.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Plumbing

Drain cleaners possess the destructive ability to erode anything they come into contact with, including your pipes. In fact, pipes are particularly vulnerable to their corrosive effects. The acidic nature of drain cleaners leads to the formation of weakened and brittle areas within the pipes, especially in regions where the acid can accumulate, such as plumbing traps. Over time, these weakened spots can develop microfractures, which eventually progress into leaks, causing damage beneath your sink.

Furthermore, as the acid travels further down the drain, it continues to corrode any other pipes it encounters. This means that your entire plumbing system is at risk of developing leaks in various locations. Such problems can have catastrophic consequences, including the occurrence of slab leaks, which are tremendously challenging and invasive to repair.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Bad for the Environment

Drain cleaners utilize acid to dissolve clogs and traverse through your plumbing system. Once the acid has completed its task within your pipes, it ultimately enters the public sewer system. Unfortunately, these acids have been identified as contributors to groundwater pollution, leading to significant alterations in the delicate balance of lakes, rivers, and oceans. The consequences extend to wildlife, which can suffer adverse effects as a result. It is important to recognize that even a seemingly small quantity of acid, when multiplied across a large population, can swiftly cause substantial changes in our vulnerable ecosystem.

Having Your Drain Professionally Cleaned

Although chemical drain cleaners may offer a quick and budget-friendly method to address clogged drains, it is crucial to consider the potential long-term repercussions. When faced with drain clogs, we advise against the use of chemical drain cleaners. There are alternative approaches that are safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly, ensuring effective clearance of your clogged drains.

If you’re in need of drain cleaning services, call the experts at Pristine Plumbing. Our professional drain cleaners are ready to clear your clogs properly while providing a safe and eco-friendly experience.

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