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Three Ways To Save Money on Water Bills This Summer

How To Spend Less Money on Water 

During the summer, water bills skyrocket. Refilling the swimming pool, watering the lawn, and having get-togethers can quickly add up over time. It’s no secret that every homeowner wants to save money on their water bills. Yet, in the summer, this can seem close to impossible. 

Homeowners can conserve water (and money) this summer by: 

Install Eco-Friendly Water Saving-Devices

When it comes down to it, there are two types of plumbing fixtures: normal ones and water-saving ones. WaterSense appliances work below the EPA’s standards and can save homeowners 33 percent on their water bills. 

The average showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water a minute. However, WaterSense showerheads use only two gallons of water a minute. This can save homeowners money on their monthly water bills. Furthermore, they can save around 2,700 gallons of water a year. 

WaterSense manufactures these water-saving appliances: 

  • Water-saving toilets (including commercial toilets) 
  • Washing machines 
  • Sprinkler systems 
  • Urinals 
  • Irrigation controllers 
  • Faucets 
  • Low-flow showerheads 


Many states also offer tax rebates, which can cut down on the cost of installing these water-saving fixtures. 

Plan Accordingly When Watering the Lawn 

From noon to three o’clock, the sun will evaporate any standing water before plants have a chance to absorb it. Homeowners should water their plants and lawn early in the morning. This way, plants will be able to absorb the water before it gets evaporated. 

Homeowners should also water their gardens based on weather conditions. For instance, if it will rain later, it doesn’t make sense to water the lawn when Mother Nature is doing it for free. This may involve changing the timer on automatic sprinkler systems or refraining from watering the lawn manually during certain periods. 

Employ These Water-Saving Techniques 

In addition to installing water-saving appliances and watering the lawn in the morning, homeowners can conserve water by: 

  • Promptly fixing leaks: Leaks don’t go away on their own. The longer a leak persists, the more water and money it’ll waste. 
  • Considering “smart” plumbing upgrades: Many appliances save water and come with their smartphone apps in today’s market. That way, homeowners can have even more control over their home’s water consumption habits. 
  • Turning off the tap: Save water and money by turning off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving, and washing dishes. Also, taking shorter showers can help to save money over time.  

These are just some things that can help homeowners save time and money this summer. 

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