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Times When Major Outdoor Plumbing Services Are Needed

Outdoor Plumbing Services Are Necessary

You know the plumbing inside your home is necessary. When something goes wrong and a clogged toilet starts to overflow, you don’t think twice about calling the plumber and getting things fixed immediately. But when it comes to outdoor plumbing services, it’s harder to make the call for whatever reason. But outdoor plumbing exists for many homes and small issues can cause major damage and larger problems if they aren’t addressed. Here are several outdoor plumbing services you’d rather avoid and how to prevent them.

Sewer Blockage Issues

The sewer runs underground and connects the waste water from the house to the system. Those pipes take away your dirty water, in essence. If something goes wrong with that system, the whole house could be in trouble. You might see signs of sewer blockage if backups start occurring in the drains. You may have flushed something you shouldn’t have or there might be another issue. Even tree roots can shift underground and cause problems with your sewer. You certainly don’t want anything happening within your house due to this outdoor plumbing issue so you should take it seriously the minute you see any signs that there’s something amiss.

Sprinkler Issues

It’s sure convenient to have underground sprinklers to keep your lawn looking nice on a regular schedule, but that means you have outdoor plumbing that could take things the wrong direction as well. Even small leaks can be big problems because you can’t see the pipe to identify if there’s an issue. Watch for mushy places in your yard and keep an eye on your utility bills for a rise in the water usage. If you suspect a leak, get a professional on the job right away.

Hose Bib Issues

The hose bibs are the nozzles that supply water to the outside plumbing. You can connect hoses to them to take whatever wherever you want around the yard. They are outside all of the time and they can break down due to wear and tear. A leak or crack in a hose bib can impact the entire outdoor water supply. You’ll want to replace or repair those hose bibs before anything major takes place.

Pool Issues

The pool is a nice feature in California, but that means there’s plumbing in the area and it can be trouble as well. If you see water around the pool, there might be a problem with the plumbing around it or the pool itself. Call a plumber first to rule out the outdoor plumbing services before you move on to other possible issues.

Getting Outdoor Plumbing Services Soon

Whenever you see an outdoor plumbing issue, large or small, it’s best to deal with it right away so you don’t have a much larger issue on your hand in a day, a week, or a month down the road. Plumbing issues don’t resolve themselves, even outside, and since the outdoor plumbing may not get as much attention, it’s easy to forget. Pay attention and call for help as needed. You’ll be glad you did when you hear what you could avoid.

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