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Leak Detection in Orange County

Leak Detection

Are you worried you may have a water leak somewhere on your property in Orange County? If you’re looking for the best company to call for leak detection Orange County, call Pristine Plumbing. We are one of the most experienced leak detection companies in the greater Orange County area. Chat with us right here on our site if you have questions you would like to ask us about suspected leaks or our leak detection services. We understand better than anyone that burst pipes and leaks don’t just happen during the daytime. Keep in mind that Pristine Plumbing is here to help you, 24 hours a day. If a plumbing repair is not within your budget right now, no problem, Pristine Plumbing also offers financing

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How Can I Tell if I Have a Leak on My Property?

  • The best way to figure out if you have a leak at your Orange County home or business is to contact Pristine Plumbing. Our leak detection experts can help you determine if you have a leak on your property and most importantly find the source of the water leak. Once we have identified the source of the leak, we will provide you with an estimate to repair the leak in your plumbing system.

    Another way to determine whether or not there is a leak in a property’s water system is to shut off the water inside and outside the property. If your water meter continues to reflect that there is water being used, you will know that you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. This method will not be able to locate whether or not you have a leak in one of your drain lines, or main drain line which connects with the sewer system or septic system. Additionally, it will not be able to tell of you have a leak in your swimming pool or other outdoor water features that may require water to be added manually.

    Hiring an experienced leak detection company in Orange County like Pristine Plumbing is always your best option. We will be able to quickly locate any leak in your plumbing system with precision. Additionally, we will be able to determine whether or not you have multiple leaks within your system. Even if your leak is in one of your drain lines or your main sewer line, one of our leak detection experts will be able to identify it with our industry leading video inspection equipment.

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Why Is It Important to Determine if I Have a Water Leak?

We are going to give you a few of the most important reasons why you need to determine whether or not your property has a water leak.

Water Bill Increases ‐ First, it’s no secret that water is scarce in Orange County and throughout all of California. Due to the scarcity of water in Southern California, the cost of water is much higher than in other parts of the country. A leak can cause your water bill to go up by hundreds of dollars in just a single month. Most of the water leaks that go unnoticed for the longest period of time are outdoors. That is not to say that a leak inside a home to will always be discovered quickly. The increase in your water bill is just one of the reasons it is important to determine if you have a leak.

Mold – When you have a water leak in your home, it has the potential to cause serious damage to your home and even your health. It may come as a surprise that mold can start to grow in as little as 48 hours. All mold needs is the right environment to start growing rapidly. As a matter of fact mold only needs three things: A food source, which can be any type of organic matter such as dust, a dark environment, and water. Most homes already have a large volume of toxic mold spores. However, the mold does not grow because it does not have the water source it needs. When you have a leak on the interior of your property, you have given mold the missing element it needs in order to thrive. According the EPA & Berkeley National Institute, close to 22 million citizens in the United States have asthma. An approximated 4.6 of those cases can be attributed to damp environments with mold. Additionally, infants within their first year of life that have mold in their living environment are almost three times more likely to develop asthma. Some common forms of mold can be toxic. Symptoms of toxic mold exposure can vary greatly. Here are just some of the symptoms that can be caused by toxic mold: Eye irritation, nausea, itchy skin, insomnia, memory loss, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, chronic sinus infections, headaches & confusion just to name a few. More serious symptoms can include organ failure and some forms of mold exposure can even be deadly. Unfortunately many property owners are not aware that they have mold until they start to smell it. If you suspect you may have a water leak in your home, it is important to deal with it immediately. The longer you wait to have a water leak identified and repaired, the more likely you are to be exposed to potentially toxic mold.

Sinkholes – When a cracks or holes form in a pipe, the soil above the pipe will fall into the pipe, and be washed away. Soil will continue to fall into the pipe which creates a void in the ground. Sinkholes may create an almost unnoticeably small depression in the ground or large enough to easily fit your vehicle within it. Erosion and the influx of water in a given area can also cause retaining walls to fail. Sinkholes caused by a broken pipe have the ability to cause serious bodily harm and severe property damage.


Types of Common Water Leaks

There are a wide range of plumbing leaks that can take place on a property. Pristine Plumbing can identify any type of leak on your property in Orange County. We wanted to take some time to outline some of the most common types of water leaks we experience when we are performing leak detection services in Orange County.

Corroding Pipes – Pipe corrosion may not happen as often as some of the other leaks we will discuss. However, they have the potential to do the most damage. When pipes within a plumbing system age, they will start to rust, and they will eventually fail. Deciding when to replace all the plumbing pipes within a home is a difficult decision to make. However, if one section of your pipe fails due to corrosion, it is a safe assumption that most of the other pipe within your plumbing system is in a similar condition. Pristine Plumbing will help you evaluate the condition of your plumbing system to determine whether or not replacing all of your pipes is in your best interests.

Water Supply Line Leaks – Water supply line leaks are not easy to spot for most property owners unless they are fairly severe. That is because water supply lines are buried under ground. When a water supply line leaks, it may cause a soggy spot in your yard or you may notice water leaking from your yard onto the pavement. Some causes of water supply lines may include: heavy vehicles such as landscaping trucks or moving trucks driving over your lawn, rodents, and wear over time.

Water Softeners – Water softeners are one of the best assets to have in your home. Water in Orange County comes from different sources depending upon the time of year. Water may be coming from one of these three sources depending upon the time of year: The Colorado River, Northern California, or local wells. Most of the water originates from the Colorado River which is considered hard water. Water softeners are definitely recommended for any home or business. Now that we have our recommendation of getting a water heater out of the way, let’s talk about the potential cause of water heater leaks. Loose water connections are the most common cause of water heater leaks. They are generally pretty quick and easy to fix. A rotor valve is another component that causes water softeners to leak. A rotor valve plays a very important role within a water softener. It is the component that sends water through the water softener so the water softener can complete tasks such as flushing filters and softening the water. Some valves can be defective or may even crack and fail completely. Brass valves have a number of metal alloys in them such as zinc. If more than 15% of a brass valves’ total weight is zinc, it can go through a process called dezincification. That is when the zinc is stripped from the brass alloy fixture which creates a void and in doing so makes it structurally weak. When a rotor valve fails, it needs to be replaced.

Swimming Pools – Orange County has more swimming pools than almost any other county in the nation. Anyone who has a pool at their home knows how great they are, but they will also tell you that they can take a lot of upkeep too. A small hole in a pool, the size of a pencil’s point, can cause almost 1,000 gallons of water to be lost in a single day. Pristine Plumbing always recommends having a professional leak detection company inspect any home’s swimming pool before you purchase the home. When you hire the right leak detection company a leak can be found easily. However it may prove to be a costly repair. Additionally it is something that may not be discovered by home inspectors when they are doing a pre-purchase inspection. Pristine plumbing is proud to be able to work with so many Orange County pool owners and save them from losing countless gallons of water.

Sink Faucet and Shower Leaks – Leaks from our sink faucets, shower heads, and bath tub faucets are the most noticeable types of leaks we deal with. They are not only a waste of water but they can also be pretty annoying. Most of us at one-time or another have had a sink faucet that would continuously drip, drip, and drip some more. Even though the water drops stay the same size, the sound seems to get louder over time. Pristine Plumbing can help you get rid of that annoying and wasteful faucet drip. A lot of people choose to have us replace and update their sink or shower fixtures when we come out to fix a sink or shower leak. The money you will save on your water bill by not having a constant drip of water will cover the cost of your new fixtures in no time.

Toilet Leaks – Toilets can leak in a number of different ways. If your toilet constantly running toilet issues, there are several things that could be causing this to happen. The chain that connects to the flapper may have gotten snagged on itself, the flapper may have started to deteriorate due to age, or it could be that the ball float needs to be replaced. There is really no way to tell instantly what is causing your toilet to constantly run. It can take from time to diagnose the issue and it may be best to call a professional like Pristine Plumbing. Toilet leaks may also be caused by: cracked porcelain, worn out seals at the base of the toilet, worn out tank to bowl connections & more. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call the skilled and professional plumbers at Pristine Plumbing.


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Why Should You Hire Pristine Plumbing for Leak Detection Orange County?

Labor Warranty – When a plumbing company trusts that they are truly able to provide the highest quality of service, they will be willing to stand behind their work. That is why Pristine Plumbing has the best labor warranty in all of Orange County. We trust the capabilities of each and every one of our skilled team members. Our company offers 18 month warranties on all labor performed by our plumbers. Our labor warranty is in addition to plumbing part manufacturer warranties. If something goes wrong due to the work we performed within 18 months, we will take care of it at no additional cost to you.

Financing – Pristine Plumbing offers financing. That means if your budget is tight right now, our financing options will allow you to have the lowest initial out of pocket cost possible. Financing has allowed us to help many Orange County residents receive leak detection and plumbing services that were not in their budget at that time. Financing is definitely something that Pristine Plumbing is proud to be able to offer to our customers. It can reduce the unneeded stress of an unexpected extra bill.

Experience & Equipment – All the members of the Pristine Plumbing team are experienced plumbing professionals. When it comes to leak detection, the last thing you want is someone who “kind of” knows what they are doing. You need to know with certainty whether or not you have a leak on your property. Our experienced leak detection experts have the necessary knowledge to properly identify whether or not you have a leak. When combining our leak detection expert’s level of experience with our state-of-the art leak detection equipment, you will have peace of mind knowing that our leak detection findings are accurate.

Reputation – Our plumbing company has maintained a pristine reputation for over a decade while serving the great people of Orange County. We have thousands of reviews between Google and Yelp which you can find right on our website. Click here to read what other Orange County residents are saying about Pristine Plumbing.

Response Times – Pristine Plumbing has a large number of trucks and team members so we are ready to respond quickly to plumbing calls 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you have a leak in your home, you’re in a race against the clock and every minute counts. One of our leak detection experts will arrive as quickly as possible and start the process of finding the leak on your property.

Customer Service – Pristine Plumbing is one the fastest growing plumbing companies in Orange County because we understand when we put our customers’ needs first, it will always make us a better company. If you ever have a problem with our company we will address the matter quickly and professionally. The only thing we are better at than providing plumbing services is creating an outstanding experience for customers.

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Call Pristine Plumbing today at (714) 397-5954 to schedule leak detection services Orange County. We will always answer the phone night or day. Additionally, you can chat with us here on our site. Pristine Plumbing is ready to help you determine whether or not you have a leak on your property. We look forward to working with you.

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You can trust your home to Pristine Plumbing, Inc. because we have spent the last decade consistently providing clean and speedy plumbing services the RITE way! With Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Extraordinary care, we’ll get your plumbing back in working order in no time.

When you’re looking for the best plumbing services in Orange County, you don’t have to look farther than Pristine Plumbing, Inc.! Our team can handle all your needs, no matter how big or messy, with on-time service and a friendly smile.

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Jim expertly solved the problem of a Y shaped connection between two sinks where the clog was down deep in the y. He was thorough, professional, and expedited the solution. Plus—the sink area was immaculate when he finished. Would definitely recommend him and Pristine Plumbing to my neighbors. Excellent work!

Elisabeth L.

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Very professional and pleasant. RB and Kyle took time to explain the process. They were able to find the leak within half an hour. Coordinate and plan out the repair in a timely manner. I’ll be happy to recommend them to my friends and family.

Hoa. H.

Pristine Plumbing Reviews

Anthony was very professional, efficient. and personable. The initial call was for a toilet leak/rebuild, but because of the age and condition of the toilet, we opted to replace that toilet and another one. We are very satisfied with the jobs he did.

Stanley I.